We've Updated our Help Center!

"I want to call Support!" - no one ever.

As happy as we are to connect, we know most people prefer to find a quick answer on their own. How-to how-to and best-practice solutions should always be easy to find.

Therefore, we're unveiling an upgraded Help Center - with much more to come!

Here's a 60-second overview of what's new, plus a sneak peek at what's next in line!


(1) Keyword Search Suggestions

The Search Box (and Support Ticket Subject Line) suggests articles, narrowing the results as you type. Moreover, your search queries are also captured so we can improve results and create better resources accordingly.




(2) Topical Categories & Menus

Every help resource now lives in a category (a Topic) you can access from the home screen. Simply click on a topic to view all associated resources. When viewing an article, use the sidebar menu to easily find other related articles & Pro-Tips! 





(3) Your Vote Counts! Was an article helpful?

The end of every resource asks Was this article helpful? 

Your Yes/No influences suggested articles and helps our team target improvements.



(4) View Ticket History & CC your Team

To access your ticket history, simply create an account using the email address you normally use to contact Support.

  • (Whether you prefer to email our Support Team or create a ticket from within our new Help Center, they're all associated through your email address). 

Not only can you see your tickets, you can also view tickets you've been "CC'd" on by other team members, a great way to keep your entire team in the loop!




Education & Help Roadmap: What's Next?

This updated help center is only the first of many improvements we're planning. Here's a look at just some of what's coming!

  • Update Existing Help Center (Complete!)
  • Article Comments & Feedback
  • Mobile App Community Forum
  • Mobile App University via the Healthy Church Hub

PS: Have Help Center feedback or suggestions? Simply email or open a ticket prefaced with HELP CENTER. We'd love to hear your input!



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