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Don't waste time searching the Apple or Google Play Stores!

We make it simple for members to find and install MinistryOne.


We provide a pre-built landing page that links directly to your church's instance of the MinistryOne App. Just link to this page from your website. social media, or include it in an email. 


We also include easy-to-add App Store buttons for your website (below). These also link directly to your App - making it super easy to find. 

How to Find Your Landing Page Link:

At the top right of the MinistryOne menu bar, click the Promote 'megaphone' icon.

Promote Icon

Scroll down to "Share a Public Link. Click the link to see your landing page and simply copy the URL to share on your website, social media, or via any other communication methods.

Note: The link to your landing page will not work unless your App is Published.

Example: Here's a church doing this well on their Mobile App promotion page - Destiny Church.


How to Include App Store Buttons on your Website: 

At the top right of the MinistryOne menu bar, click the Promote 'megaphone' icon.

Promote Icon

On the Promote page that appears, copy the provided Embed Code.  

Don’t let the word “embed code” intimidate you! It's simply a small piece of code that adds the pre-created App Store Buttons to your web-page.

Simply copy it, send it to your web-admin, and say, "Please embed this on our Giving Page - the same way you embed a YouTube video." They'll know what you mean ;) 

Once placed on the website, links will be available to download the Church by MinistryOne app in either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. 

Example: Here's a church doing this well - Destiny Church. (Scroll down to "Give Through Our Mobile App"). 

What Will Members Experience after Installing MinistryOne?

When you tap the Apple or Google Play store buttons, you'll be taken to the respective App Store, where you can install Church by MinistryOne.

After the MinistryOne is installed and opened, a member will receive a prompt confirming they've selected the correct church, as well as a prompt to receive Push Notifications (In-App Messages) - below.

The page that will load first will be the top-most page found in the MinistryOne Control Panel under Design → Menu. (For more, see How to Enable and Sort Modules (Menu Items).




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